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  • OLEG
  • Mother tongue: Lithuanian
  • Year of experience: 23
  • Education: Vilnius University


Language Skills:

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Top Specialization

General Business / Commerce
All corporate documentation relating to aspects of business management and administration not explicitly covered by other fields.

Keywords: accounting balance, accounting/finance, general financial documentss, financial reports, economics/financial, business & finance

Information Technology
Computer science, the IT sector, product manuals, software localization.

Keywords: e-commerce, press releases, digital instruments, medical reports, cameras and webcams, technical specifications, computer equipment, computer manuals, electrical equipments, chemical medication, chemical, medical devices, pharmaceutical reports, production manuals, technical manuals and functional and technical specifications, medical instruments, hardware manuals, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical analysis, internet, medical general, office eqipment, catalogues & brochures, printer and scanner manuals, system description, medical treatment,comupters, comupter & it, computer and electronic manuals, desktop computers, notebook computers, personal computer manual, computer networks, computer manual, computer hardware, computer software,annual reports, network equipments, guides and brochures, user instructions, automotive industry, computer equipments, city guides, telephony, fitness equipment, automotive, guidebooks, user manuals, guide books, travel guide, product catalogues

Legal Documents / Contracts
All legal documentation including contracts, agreements and judicial process.

Keywords: professional navigation, medical publications, technical guides, internet advertising, guides and brochures, navigation systems, legal contracts and documents and documents, travel guides, city guides, user guides, printer and scanner manuals, public relations, navigation software, agreements & contracts, communication and navigation equipment, international cooperation, guide books, international relations, assembly guidelines, marketing, advertising material,legal contracts and documents, court documents, consumer technology, legal translation, fitness equipment, cosmétique, health and nutrition, information technology, food/beverage/cosmetics in general, technical specifications, cosmetic compounds, cosmetics brochures, electrical equipments, cosmetics marketing, food and beverage, food ingredients lists, technical manuals and functional and technical specifications, equipment manuals, computer equipments

All documentation relating to the automotive sector including user manuals and manufacturing processes.
Marketing and Advertising Material / Public Relations
For when readability and fluidity are the most important requirements in addressing foreign markets.

Keywords: ,commercial documents, e-commerce, press releases, marketing brochure

Internet, E-Commerce
Translation of websites not containing technical vocabulary, sites destined for e-commerce, e-business.

Keywords: mechanical reports, mechanical devices, internet security, mechanical specifications, equipment manuals, hardware manuals, computer equipments, hardware description, printer and scanner manuals, cameras, medical equipment, software products, production manuals, internet, e-commerse

Private Correspondence, Letters
General correspondence not containing any technical vocabulary.
All other documentation that does not contain technical vocablary.

Keywords: marriage certificates, death certificate, birth certificate, certificates/diplomas, documents,,user manuals, travel guide, instructions for use (ifu), food and beverages, guide book, food and diary, food industry, food ingredients lists, business correspondence, user guides, guidebook

All documentation relating to cosmetics production and marketing.

Keywords: user manuals, product descriptions, product labels

Certificates, Diplomas, Licences , CV's, etc
Translation of perrsonal documents required by foreign authorities. Signed letters of certification from us can be providied at extra cost upon request. Sworn translations available in Italy only, at extra cost and on request.

Keywords: user manuals and documentation, certificates and diplomas, different documentation, press release, annual reports, quarterly reports

Service description

Since 1999, Translated offers professional translation services in 189 languages and 4708 different combinations serving over 174421 customers worldwide.

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