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Translated supports the translation of AdWords campaigns making it easier for companies to advertise in different languages and different countries.

About traduction de campagnes AdWords Translation

AdWords- Google’s online Pay Per Click advertising program - helps customers advertise in multiple countries. Translating advertising campaigns is a great way to promote your products locally and expand your business worldwide.

Translated is one of the few Google approved vendors for localization of AdWords. We are specialists in localizing AdWords campaigns and websites in over 80 languages. Our main goal is to maximize target traffic and help advertisers achieve the best ROI from their international campaigns.

Traduzione di annunci pubblicitari AdWords

Websites and campaigns localization

Website and landing page localization

To attract international customers, provide them with a good user experience and increase conversions, we suggest you translate your website into the campaign target languages. Our mother-tongue translators will adapt the website content to the target audience and culture, keeping your brand identity strong as it expands into new markets.

Translation and optimization of AdWords campaigns

We not only translate your ad texts and keywords but also optimize them. This means that our translators really take time to localize your campaigns, not only translating your original keywords and ad texts in the most effective way, but thinking of keywords your potential customers would use in their own language to find your products or services.

Our work is based on two principles:

Quality has a key role in advertising campaigns. Our translators will not only choose the most relevant keywords for your market and respect the different keyword matching options (broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative match), but also follow the specific AdWords quality guidelines and best practices required by Google. This will maximize the Quality Score of your keywords and ensure the success of your ads.

How it works

1. Choose languages and markets

In which countries and which languages will you advertise your products?
Have a look at Translated.net’s T-Index study to identify the market-language combination most appropriate for your investment taking into account the customer base and online sales potential.

2. Prepare your website material for translation

3. Prepare your AdWords material for translation

Get a quote for a professional translation

There are two ways of getting a quick quote.

Getting an idea of cost and turnaround time

Example 1 - small volume to translate

We can translate this volume in 2 working days for a price of 300 Euro per language.
For the translation of Adwords ads and keywords only, it will cost approximately 50 Euro with delivery within 24 hours.

Example 2 - large volume to translate

We can translate this volume in 15 working days for a price of 4,100 Euro per language.

Our references

These are just a few of the many multinational corporations who trust us with their AdWords localization needs.

Adwords localization service

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