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  • Aurélie
  • Mother tongue: Portuguese
  • Year of experience: 13
  • Education: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto


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Top Specialization

All documentation relating to the natural environment, biology, climate change and environmental issues.

Keywords: software products, environmental conservation, product labels, natural environment, toxicology reports, environmental mitigation, toxicants, software, dairy products and dairy research, bioremediation, product brochures, biorevitalization, luxury products, environmental reports and protocols, software content, environmental health, environmental impact reports, toxicology, computer software, summaries for product characteristics) and pils (patient information leaflets) for human and veterin, product sheets, environmental documentation, product and patient information brochures, environmental education, software interfaces, software manual, software manuals, environmental impact assessment, environmental sciences, software strings, software user manuals, product localization, product descriptions, sofware localization

Medical / Pharmaceutical
Medical reports, medical machinery, pharmaceutical industry, production of medical drugs, healthcare and cosmetics.

Keywords: software manuals, pharmacy/clinical trials, software user manuals, software manual, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical, product descriptions, pharmacologycal studies, software products, software strings, pharmaceutics, product labels, pharmaceutical and medical, pharmacotoxicology, pharmacological studies, pharmaceutical translation, pharmacovigilance, pharmaceutical, dairy products and dairy research, pharmaceutical patents, software, pharmaceutical reports, biomedical engineering, computer software, pharmacokinetic, pharmacotoxicological documentation, summaries for product characteristics) and pils (patient information leaflets) for human and veterin, medicine/pharma, pharmaceutical research, product sheets, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical webs, product and patient information brochures, pharmaceutical terminology, software interfaces, pharmaceutical documents

Translation of all material relating natural sciences like biology, astronomy, etc

Keywords: education/pedagogy, product localization, cell biology, software, secondary education, human biology, biotope, marine biology, biosphere, structural biology, dairy products and dairy research, plant reproductive biology, biological science articles and papers, product brochures, biology and zoology, biology / zoology / botany, software content, biological products, plant biology, computer software, biological sciences articles, bio, product and patient information brochures, summaries for product characteristics) and pils (patient information leaflets) for human and veterin, biological food, software interfaces, general biology, software manuals, biology and chemistry, conservation biology, biology, health (biology), developmental biology, software user manuals, molecular biology, cellular biology, geology, software manual, landscape biology, software products, biology & chemistry, fish and fisheries / marine biology, software localization, biomass, genetics/molecular biology, product labels, software strings

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Since 1999, Translated offers professional translation services in 168 languages and 4152 different combinations serving over 145589 customers worldwide.

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