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Affiliates: Terms and Conditions

 Content of Affiliate Website

TRANSLATED reserves the right to cancel an account if the contents of the site are not appropriate. Unacceptable content includes:
  • Pornographic material;
  • Information technology piracy that violates third party rights;
  • Sites containing illegal music or video files;
  • All other illegal activity;
  • Any advertisement, whether image or text, which is not directly provided or approved by TRANSLATED;
  • Anything which may be considered damaging to TRANSLATED's reputation or business.

 Cancellation of the account

TRANSLATED reserves the right to cancel an account at its discretion if the relationship between the parties is deemed to be abusive. TRANSLATED reserves the right to discontinue the affiliation program.

 Payment Terms

TRANSLATED pays the affiliate according to the number of words purchased by referred customers on all orders placed on our website with the "Professional" or "Premium" service levels. The rate per word is fixed, however, TRANSLATED reserves the right to change the rate per word with one month's advance notice. The words are counted by TRANSLATED according to industry standards. The number of words counted for the affiliate will be the same as that which TRANSLATED uses to bill the customer.

Customers are identified using a cookie containing the affiliate's ID. These cookies have an expiration date of one year. Once a customer is registered in our database as being from an affiliate, the cookie is no longer required to identify the affiliate.

TRANSLATED acknowledges the standard risk associated with cookie-based affiliate programs and therefore does not guarantee that it can identify all customers due to the fact that between the click on the affiliate's site and the instant of the first translation order, the customer may have formatted the computer, changed computers or cancelled the cookie, making them impossible to identify. Although this situation is rare, the affiliate acknowledges that TRANSLATED will not be able to identify a customer in every case and thus is not required to pay the amount due in those cases.

The total due for a given period is calculated by multiplying the number of words translated by the affiliate's customers by the going rate per word.

 Date of payment

Affiliates can request payment at any time by clicking on the 'Request Payment' button under the 'My Earnings' tab from the on-line account management tool. Payment will be made for completed translation jobs and will be effected by the 10th day of the month following request of payment. Payment is made by wire transfer, PayPal or non-transferable check made out to the affiliate.

Each month, a minimum amount of 50.00 Euro must be reached in order to be paid. If this amount is not reached, payment will be postponed to the following month(s) until 50.00 Euro is reached.

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