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Affiliate Program FAQs


 How do I start?

Simply create a new affiliate account, choose a banner and insert it into your web page.

It takes around 10 minutes to set up an account, and 5 minutes to insert and test a new banner on your web site. Obviously you may wish to spend longer experimenting with different banner designs and page layouts, but the essential steps are simple and fast.


 How much will I earn?

You will be paid 0.01 Euro for each word translated by each customer that you bring to us. That's equivalent to an average commission of 10% on each sale ... not just for each customer's first translation, but for each and every subsequent translation that your customer buys in the future!

An average order is 2,000 words, for which you will earn 20 Euros. The top 10% of our orders exceed 15,000 words. Moreover, 70% of our customers return to place further orders: you will earn commission whether they return to us via your site or not.


 How are orders tracked?

When a user visits your website and clicks on a TRANSLATED banner, a cookie is set to indicate that they came from your website. If this customer places an order, whether it be immediately or within the lifetime of the cookie (maximum 1 year), you will receive commission on this sale.

Moreover, this customer is registered in our database as your customer: if they return to make additional orders in the future, you will qualify for commission on each and every sale. Since this customer is connected to you in our database, it makes no difference at all if the original cookie has been reset.


 How do I know how much I've earned?

Simply log into your affiliate account and check the 'My Earnings' tab. From this page you can monitor number of clicks, conversion rate and orders made by your customers.


 How will I be paid?

Payment of the balance due is made each month upon receipt of a payment request from affiliates who have exceeded a minimum balance of 50.00 Euro. If you do not reach 50.00 euro in a given month, the balance is carried over to the next month(s) until the minimum amount is exceeded. Your balance may be carried over from month to month indefinitely without expiring. Payment is made by the 10th of each month.


 Will the banner slow my site down?

TRANSLATED has designed the banner code to be short and fast in accordance with best affiliate practices.


 Can I change the HTML code?

Naturally you can change the code, but you must send a copy of the changes to francesca.zavettieri@translated.com with your ID in the subject line. You cannot change the target, which must remain "_top" or "_blank".


 Can I order translations for myself or my friends?

Absolutely - and you will still receive 0.01 Euro per word translated! Consider it a 10% discount just for being an affiliate.


 Do I need a VAT number?

You do not need a VAT number - you are simply renting part of your website to us. However, you must report your earnings every year.

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