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A Webservice for Professional Translations

HTS™ is an API that allows you to request and receive a professional translation without having to exchange documents via e-mail.

In addition to unburdening your staff from the arduous task of sending and receiving texts to translate via e-mail, HTS makes it easier to track orders and offers consolidated monthly invoices and faster turnaround times.

HTS represents a significant milestone in human translation of electronic content:

Try It!

You can call HTS with this simple URL:

HTS will reply with a plain text file containing a quote with the guaranteed price and guaranteed delivery date for a 312-word translation from French to English. You can experiment with HTS by changing the parameters in your own browser.

The input parameters in the example above are:

				f=quote // Function	name	
				s=french // Source language 
				t=english // Target language			
				w=312 // Word count 				
				cid // User ID			
				p // Password				

The output string in the example above is:
1 OK 2005-06-24T11:30:00Z 312 29.64 428697

			1 // Return code
			OK // Call was successful
			2005-06-24T11:30:00Z // Delivery date and time
			312 // Word count
			29.64 // Price in euro
			<NNNNNN> // Read job ID

HTS has many more parameters, for example the URL where we can find the text (in any format, including XML). By changing the "function" parameter you can actually place and confirm the order without ever picking up the phone, sending an email or visiting a website.

Technical Specifications

To see more of HTS' rich functionality and understand how it can benefit your business, download the Technical Specifications PDF:

Technical Specifications (PDF/English)

For additional specifications and further information, contact:
Alberto Massidda
+39 06 90 25 42 14

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