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What is Translated?

Translated is a translation agency, providing services of human translation and localization, for text files, software and websites. Our translations are completed by professional native-speaker translators; we do not use automated machine translation software.

How do I count the words in my document?

If the document is in Microsoft® Word®, use the "Word Count" function in the Tools menu, or our own word count tool. Just send us the result. Otherwise, if the document is in another format (print, HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.), send us the file by e-mail or fax. We will count the words for you and send you a quick quote.

What can you translate?

We translate from practically any electronic format, maintaining the exact format and layout of the original document.

For Web and software programs, we know that every single tag is essential to you. Therefore, we do not make these tags accessible to our translators, whose integrity we verify by applying strict control systems.

The formats we translate include:

example formats
Office Desktop Publishing Web Software
Word Quark Xpress HTML/XHTML C, C++, C# and Java
PowerPoint FrameMaker
PHP, JSP, ASP, ASPX Perl, Python
Excel Illustrator
Javascript rc, ResX, exe
Access PageMaker
Ruby PO, Properties
Open Office InDesign User-defined XML User-defined XML
Plain Text Photoshop   MySQL, Postgres, Oracle
Autocad     Access, SQL Server, DB2

Can you translate my website?

Certainly. We can even work directly in the source code of your website. On request, we can also upload your files direct to the Web, ready for navigation.

Do you work with companies or private individuals?

The majority of our requests come from companies, but we also often work with private individuals and are happy to help them with their translation needs.

Is it possible to maintain the page layout?

We guarantee the document's original layout and format. Where possible, we work on the original document by overwriting the text without changing the style or format.


How much does a translation cost?

Prices vary based on the length, difficulty and format of your texts. To give an idea, our average price to date has been around 0.11 USD per source word (around 25 USD per standard page). For more information you can consult our page on translation rates.

How do I get a free quote?

Delivery Dates and Turnaround Time

When will the job be delivered?

This depends on the length of the document. Our average delivery times are as follows:

For rush jobs, just tell us when you need it!

Can you translate a 1,000-page manual in 5 days?

Normally, yes.

We can use up to 20 translators simultaneously, and have previously managed projects that required an output of 50,000 words per day (approximately 200 pages per day).


How do I pay?

We accept the following payment methods:

When do I need to pay?

Invoices must be paid within 5 days of receipt of the translated document, unless otherwise agreed. When you receive your translation, you will also receive an electronic invoice with payment details and instructions.

We usually ask new private customers to provide their credit card details as a guarantee for first orders over USD 350. This is not an advance payment; it is only as a guarantee for your first order. Your card will not be charged until delivery of the translation.


What guarantees do you give regarding quality?

How to...

How do I send you a document?

If your document is in electronic form, use the online order procedure or send it as an attachment to

If your document is printed, send it by fax to (+39) 06 233 200 102, by mail or by express delivery, specifying your billing and contact details, the source language, the target language(s) and the required delivery date. You will receive an estimate within four working hours.

How do I send files larger than 2.5 MB?

We accept e-mail attachments of up to 5 megabytes. Otherwise, we can set up very fast FTP access for sending and receiving larger files.


What is a secure server?

A secure server provides for the exchange of data between two computers using an encrypted connection. Translated uses two secure servers for two different services:


What is localization?

Localization (sometimes known as L10n) is the process of modifying a product (a software program, website or document) for an audience in a different country, culture or region of the world. Localization is more complex than translation because it involves cultural adaptation and requires in-depth knowledge of the local culture.

3 Simple Ways to Count Words

If in doubt, estimate the word count as best you can and complete your order.
If the word count is different, we'll get in touch before starting.

1. Paste your text here

0 words

Note: You can attach the original document during the order process. We support over 100 file formats, delivering the translated file in the same file format and layout.

2. Microsoft Word™ word count

In recent versions the word count is indicated in the status bar at the bottom of the page. In previous versions, use the "Word count" function in the "Tools" menu.

3. Ask us for help

Use the contact form or call us .

If you're in a hurry to place your order, make a rough estimate of the word count and place your order: we'll get in touch before we start working if the word count is different.

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