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The quality of a translation depends not only on quality control and having a large pool of available translators, but on the ability to determine who is the very best translator for each specific job.

This is why T-Rank™ was created.

Translated guarantees that the translators used for your project satisfy the following minimum requirements:

Experience has shown us, however, that these minimum requirements alone do NOT guarantee consistently high quality over time.

This is why Translated has developed T-Rank™.


T-Rank is a decision support system that combines the flexibility of human choice with the rigor of mathematics to determine which of our many professional translators is best adapted for each project.

T-Rank analyzes more than 30 characteristics (quality and timeliness of previous jobs, daily turnaround, real-time availability, etc.) related to the translator and the translation. It then compares these with translators of known quality and the previous choices Project Managers have made in the past for similar jobs. The result of this analysis is a numerical value that represents the degree to which each translator matches the perfect translator for the job.

T-Rank produces exceptional results because it is based on a mathematically valid model using the analysis of more than 100,000 translations done since 1999.


Is T-Rank™ an automatic translation system?

No. T-Rank™ is a system that helps with the selection of the best human translator for each job.

OK, but how do I use T-Rank™?

T-Rank™ is the technology used by Translated on every job to choose the best translator for that translation. All our clients have to do is send us the document for translation.

Is the translator chosen by a computer?

No; by simulating the choices a human would make, T-Rank™ helps our Project Managers make the best choice in the least possible time. Consider T-Rank™ as a decision support system to help Project Managers choose the right translator.

On which technology is T-Rank™ based?

T-Rank™ is a distance in a multidimensional metric space. The elements in this metric space are chosen by an Artificial Intelligence system that can learn, from past human choices and previous translation jobs, the characteristics that indicate a high-quality translator. T-Rank™ measures the distance between each translator and the perfect translator for each job.

Why did you develop T-Rank™?

The Curriculum Vitae and other qualifications of a translator are often only weakly correlated with the quality of the final product. The quality depends on too many factors for the human mind to remember and evaluate during the selection of a translator. For this reason, Translated has invested in a technology capable of "archiving" our experience so that the system can make better choices than a human in the brief turnaround times demanded in the marketplace.

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